Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction is all about instant gratification. An entire story unfolds in fewer than a thousand words (often far fewer). The story below required the use of five specific words and could not exceed one hundred words. Dipping your toe in the publishing pool? This story will resonate.

Sarcasm Smells Like Brimstone

“Next! Step into the light.”

I inch forward. This is unexpected, no harps, no halos, only a disembodied voice behind the shining orb.



His sigh scratches like wind at the door. “Traditional or self-published?”

“Neither. Yet.”


I steel myself for rejection.

“What’s your schtick?”



“Oh, horror. ”

“Lovely. We never get that here.” Another sigh. “Here’s the deal. Souls are a dime a dozen. We need bodies.”


“Consider it research. You hone your craft, we hone ours. I’ll throw in immortality.”

“How about an agent?”

“Whatever. Destiny awaits.”

Sarcasm smells like brimstone. 
Oh. Damn.

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