Other Words


Words have always played a big part in my life. I love reading them. Stringing them together to create something that others want to read answers a need deep in my soul.

I garnered my first publication credit in my school’s fourth-grade school newsletter. From there I graduated to writing really (really) bad poetry while sitting in the mimosa tree in my front yard (and beyond the reach of my younger brother). The first time someone paid me to write occurred shortly after I graduated high school when I penned an article on underwater sound for a scuba magazine.

After years of writing factual police reports, it seemed a natural progression to experiment with short stories and flash-fiction. It’s fun to make things up, create worlds, and have characters actually do what they’re told — at least some of the time.

Now, I’ve tackled the novel. I’ve returned to the ocean in my award-wining story, Adrift, featuring Mer Cavallo and set in the Florida Keys. I’m currently at work on the next in the series, Beached. (The third book is titled Chummed.)