2nd in the Mer Cavallo Mysteries

Winner of the royal Palm Literary Award for Best Mystery and Published Book of the Year!

The ship is legendary.

Marine biologist Meredith Cavallo’s life unravels after she finds a plastic-wrapped bundle floating on the waves off Key Largo. Curious, she pulls it onboard and finds herself sucked into a maelstrom involving an obscure legend, an 18th century shipwreck and a modern pirate who’ll resort to murder to claim the booty first.

The danger is real. 

Thrust into the hunt for a ship with no historical record, Mer plunges into the world of nautical archaeology. But for a woman accustomed to dealing with facts, deciphering secrets proves difficult—and everyone she encounters harbors their own skeletons. A sinister betrayal sends her reeling, and even with the help of a crusty former marine salvager, a fiery professor, and her friends on the island, Mer realizes she’s in over her head. Determined to outwit the man who wants her dead, she’s certain of only one thing—

 Treasure is trouble. 

The second in the Mer Cavallo Mysteries

“BEACHED is a non-stop mystery thrill ride…” Basil Sands

The Big Thrill

An action-packed read from beginning to end with a resourceful and engaging heroine. I defy you to read this book and not immediately want to dive into the next Mer Cavallo mystery! This book is a winner. Laura Disilverio

National Best-Selling and Award Winning Author

As a sequel, Beached does not disappoint. The taut thriller builds on Browning’s adept storytelling and character development. The historical elements of this undersea mystery are an immensely satisfying addition. Mandy Mikulencak

Author of The Last Suppers and Burn Girl

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