Break out the bubbly! Adrift broke into the top 100 books on Amazon and landed at #71 of over one million books!! This propelled it to the #1 Best Seller spot in three categories on May 12th!

And did you notice that price? Adrift is on sale at all retailers for 99 cents through May 18th! (A hat tip to BookBub, a company that notifies readers of books that go on special, for blasting the news out to thriller readers everywhere! If you want to be notified whenever BookBub is running a special, follow my BookBub author page.)

Not to be left out, Beached is still on sale at $3.99. On May 19th, both Mer Cavallo mysteries will return to their normal $4.99. (So what are you waiting for?)

I’m beyond grateful for the support of all the readers who believed in my little story. Amazon is notoriously fickle, and by the time you read this newsletter, my best seller status may have changed, but dang it, I’ve got the screenshots! This was a momentous milestone in my writing career. And I owe it all to you!

Thank you.

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