There is no greater honor for a writer than to have readers who come back for more, and I am thrilled to announce Beached, the second Mer Cavallo Mystery, is available today!

Grab your book and dive into a new adventure with Mer, the crew of the Aquarius Dive Shop, and assorted miscreants of Key Largo.

When you come up for air, you can see what I’ve been up to this week as I hop around the Internet doing my best to spread the good news!

“BEACHED is a non-stop mystery thrill ride…” These words from The Big Thrill — the magazine for the International Thrill Writers started my year off with a bang!

I discuss short story writing (and my most embarrassing typo) at “Cozy in Miami.” I talk villainy at “The Writing Train.” I offer insight into what I hoped to accomplish in the opening of Beached in my essay at “The First Two Pages.”

On Friday, you can find me on Lori Robinett’s blog, and then on Saturday, Mer will be speaking for herself at Dru’s Book Musing “A Day in the Keys with Dr. Mer Cavallo.”

Exciting times!

Thank you for your continued support. I am grateful.

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