Fans of Adrift will be familiar with the Bilge. Even paradise needs a dive bar,
and I created the Bilge. It’s the kind of place where a person drinks shots. Lots of them. Don’t order a Chardonnay, it ain’t that kind of joint. But a lot happens at the Bilge. Some of it even makes the newspapers.

But I have to confess, Mer’s return to the Bilge was my favorite scene to write in Beached. It was one of those writing days when the words flowed onto the page. I created a new character who not only walked into the bar, but absolutely owned the place. The characters’ dialogue sparkled. Writing this scene was flat-out fun!

See, here’s the deal. Writers agonize over the words they memorialize on the page. Are they the right ones? Do they convey the proper mood? We get suspicious when the words flow—especially if the tumble forth carefree and wild. If they survive the revision, we begin to wonder what we can do to replicate the experience. After all, if it worked once, surely we can summon the Muse a second time.

The sad thing is, Muses are fickle. They enjoy novelty. They work on their own time. They also tend to choose authors who are already hard at work to drop in on and chat.

The beauty of writing, however, is that the reader can’t tell the difference between the words that just flowed onto the page and the ones the writer fussed and fretted over. It’s enough to drive you to drink.

And I know just where to go!

Chapter 16~
The Bilge occupied waterfront property, but no one would ever mistake it for a romantic rendezvous.


There is only one more One-Line Wednesday before Beached launches on January 10th!  The countdown is on!


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