Anyone who has known me longer than a nanosecond knows that I have a stubborn streak. Mix in a bucketload of independence, and well, I’m not the poster child for asking for help.

That changed this week.

Last Friday, I had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a damaged meniscus that I’d torn on a run. But first, a bit of history: I’ve only had one other surgery in my life — and that occurred when I was a young child. Bonus! It included an unanticipated trip to the intensive care unit. Suffice it to say, learning I need a surgical repair as an adult left me somewhat south of happy.

Despite the worst-case scenarios I’d conjured in my mind (and trust me, there were plenty), the surgery went without a hitch. My better-half brought me home. The fun began.

Let me direct you back to a couple of key words I employed early in this post; stubborn and independence. I would also like to publicly acknowledge my husband is a saint.

The doc’s post-op orders were pretty simple. Elevate. Ice. Rest. Personally, I thought there was some wiggle-room built into the words. My husband, however, took them literally. All may have been well, were it not for the myriad things I still had to do…

Hahahahahahahahaha! Stubborn and independent.


Ever try to carry a cup of tea while using crutches? And let’s not even get started on justifying why I wasn’t resting with my leg elevated and an ice-pack on my knee. Seriously. Let’s just agree to disagree on that one.

Mer Cavallo has her own stubborn streak. She is tenacious, focused, and driven. It also makes her rigid, opinionated, and obstinate. On more than one occasion, her stubbornness compounded a problem rather than alleviated it.

I’ve had my comeuppance this week. Asking for help will never be easy for me. My husband knows this, which is why he doesn’t wait for me to request assistance before offering it. I suppose I could surprise him…

Ask for my running shoes.

Chapter 9 ~



BEACHED, the second Mer Cavallo Mystery launches January 10, 2018!

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