The last few days have been incredibly busy for me. In retrospect, they were exactly the type of days I’d aspired to create as an author, but let me tell you, they were exhausting.

Last Thursday, I drove to the Orlando to participate in the Florida Writers annual conference. The ensuing days began at o’dark thirty with networking breakfasts, followed by a full slate of classes and panels. Boot camp workshops resumed after dinner and concluded around ten o’clock. For those so inclined, informal learning opportunities continued at the bar.

During the conference, I presented two workshops, participated in an author panel discussion, and filmed an educational interview for a writing program. Plus, I attended classes and had several fan-girl moments with best-selling authors David Morrell, Steve Berry, and Carla Norton.

By the time I drove home Sunday, I’d amassed several new signed books, many fond memories, and one nasty cold.

The cold is a complication, which is good in fiction. In life, not so much.

I am a member of the International Thriller Writers, and I had the honor of being invited to be a guest on ITW’s radio show The Inside Thrill. On Monday night, author Jenny Milchman interviewed me and two other authors with law enforcement experience. The show will air on Suspense Magazine’s radio network (I’ll provide the link as soon as I have it!). The participants telephoned in from their respective homes and for the next hour we chatted about how our backgrounds in law enforcement impacted our writing.

Radio is all about voice and coughing on the air is not a good thing. On the plus side, radio is all about voice, and I dressed for the occasion in comfy sweats and my best fuzzy slippers. More importantly, I had enough cold medication on board to tranquilize a small rhinoceros. I think it went well, I can’t be sure, though. It’s all a bit fuzzy.

Chapter 8 ~
Lost in thought, Mer strode nearly to her front door before she realized it stood slightly ajar.


Beached, the second Mer Cavallo Mystery, launches January 10, 2018. Preorders will be available soon!

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