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It’s hard for me to believe Adrift released six months ago. Since January, I’ve experienced things I’d only dreamed about–holding an advanced reader copy of my book, staging a book launch, compulsively checking my rating status, watching it climb into the Amazon Top 100, crying when the little Best Seller banner showed up next to my title.

Bestseller Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.49.13 AM

Then there were the things I couldn’t even imagine:

45 in Mystery Thriller suspense

I made it higher on the list, but being surrounded by the likes of Stephen King, Steve Berry, and Jeffery Deaver started another whole round of waterworks.

Then, there was the two-week stretch I didn’t sell a single book, and thought That’s it. Done. Or the 2-star review posted to Goodreads where the reader hated everything about my book, and for a day negated every single one of the 121 ratings from readers who loved the same story and gave it 4 or 5 stars.

But that’s the life of an author. We are creatives. Not everyone will be moved by the words we string together. That’s why there’s chocolate.

I’m proud of Adrift. It’s thrilling to have divers tell me my words transported them to the deck of the Spiegel Grove shipwreck. It’s even better when a person who has never strapped on a tank tells me that they felt like they were right next to Mer on the dive. The best is when they ask when Beached is coming out (2018).

I couldn’t have done this alone. While there are too many to thank in a blog post, I must recognize two people for their unswerving belief that I could bring this dream to life. Mandy Mikulencak is a dear friend, critique partner, and an unending source of inspiration. I could go on for days and not come close to giving her all the thanks — and a bit of the blame — she deserves. My husband, David, is a wellspring of strength. His steadfast encouragement has allowed me to steer this course. I couldn’t ask for a more passionate supporter, nor a better partner in crime.

Thank you to all the friends, family, and unknown readers who took the chance on a new author and read Adrift.

I am grateful.

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