Turkeys in SW Colorado. Photo by master lens crafter Dan Bender.

It is the quiet before the storm. The turkey is prepped, the pies are made, the table isn’t even close to being set, but I still have time to enjoy my tea. I am blessed.

I don’t limited the counting of blessings to a single day. I know how fortunate I am. Yet today marks a day when I take inventory. Some people do this on the cusp of a new year. I do it while cooking.

I started to write out the reasons why I’m grateful, but then I realized it doesn’t matter what is on my list. Today is a day of personal reflection. Everyone’s list is different.

So now I’m going to go set the table, brew another cup of tea, and prepare a meal. And smile. And laugh. And add to my list.

May your list be long. Happy Thanksgiving.

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