Happy Halloween!


Durango Colorado Full Moon. Photo by Dan BenderThe air is brisk, the jack-o-lanterns are bright and Halloween is here. It is a great time to remember that a few simple precautions can significantly increase everyone’s safety on Halloween.

The Dark of Night:

Dusk is a hazardous time for pedestrians as drivers rush home from work and deepening shadows conceal movement. Flashlights, chem-lights and reflectors help alert drivers that they are sharing the road.


Excited children have a tendency to rush from house to house and often are not looking out for cars. Drivers need to recognize that children can be unpredictable and slow down to be able to avoid a child who darts unexpectedly into the roadway.

There is truth to the old adage of safety in numbers. Young children should be accompanied by a parent or an older sibling. Only stop at well lighted homes and never enter a residence to claim treats.


Costumes should be short enough so that the child does not trip over the hem or otherwise endanger him or herself. Colored makeup is a wonderful alternative to masks which may restrict the wearer’s peripheral vision. If a mask must be worn, make certain your child can see properly.


Don’t forget about your pets on Halloween. The activity of ringing doorbells and revelers yelling “Trick or Treat” can excite pets and the stress of the festivities may make your pet anxious. Remember, even the most docile pet can snap or bite under pressure.

Wagging tales and flaming pumpkins make poor companions. Any flame should be high enough to eliminate the chance of a dog or cat knocking it over. If your pet is an indoor animal, place it in a back room to prevent it from sneaking out the open door and disappearing into the night.

Unfortunately, more animals are tormented on Halloween than at any other time during the year, so keep them safely out of harms way.


Finally, parents need to check out their child’s loot. Open or torn wrappers should always be discarded and diligence checking out other items can decrease the opportunity of passing along tainted treats. Also, don’t share candy with pets. Chocolate can kill and wrappers can severely harm your pet’s health.

Have fun!

Halloween is a holiday for all ages and as children wind their night up, many adults will just be getting started with their festivities. Police Departments across the nation are gearing up for a busy night and will be increasing the number of officers on patrol to deal with the increased calls for service that inevitably occur on a holiday. Please think about transportation options now to eliminate driving under the influence of alcohol. Although Halloween mug shots are often humorous, they are a poor memento of an otherwise enjoyable evening.

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