Adrift launches January 10, 2017!


I’m learning a LOT about the publishing industry, and one of the lessons is that anything to do with paper and ink is not chiseled in stone–including launch dates. But my publisher had a great reason to delay the release. Alibi-Random House wants time to promote my story.

From an author perspective, this is wonderful. Books live and die in their first month of publication, and every month brings a staggering number of new titles to market. In a sink or swim scenario, my publisher wants ADRIFT to succeed.

So how does that happen? First and foremost, it requires time. Time to get the word out that a debut author has an exciting book. Time to get the story up on Netgalley in order to generate advance reviews. Time to create buzz at the Bouchercon World Mystery Conference in September.

And while I’m impatiently dancing from foot to foot waiting for the release of my story, I’m thrilled that my publisher is as excited about ADRIFT as I am.


Add ADRIFT to your Goodreads To Read list!

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