The Challenge:

Design a logo for an author who has a background in law enforcement, pens crime fiction, loves the ocean, and is writing a series involving a marine scientist who lives in Key Largo.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, there’s a reason I write. I can barely draw the gallows to play hangman. But I know what I want–or more importantly, I recognize it when I see it.

Enter 99 Designs. I tasked their artists to incorporate my criteria and turned them loose.

The Winner:

MickiBrowning Logo

I love this design. Look at the overall shape. Remind you of anything?

How about now?

Casing bottom

Next came the colors. Sure, you see a lot of turquoise, lime green and pink in the Keys, but in all honesty, I’m not a turquoise, lime, and pink kind of gal.  I chose blue. Blue represents both the hue of the ocean and my police uniform.

Like the color, the cresting swells pull double duty as well: they evoke the sea and my propensity to create waves.

My final criteria was the most difficult to conceive. Dripping knives, smoking guns, crime scene tape–they all overtly convey crime. But that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted something subtle, something that added depth. Nuanced texture. The reflective shadow captures that elusive element, that touch of mystery.

Designing a logo is an interesting exercise. It requires introspection, creativity and a willingness to admit when something misses the mark and needs revising. I am a wordsmith. I forge ideas in black and white, but it was fascinating to explore how shapes and colors could convey ideas. Together, I think the elements in my logo are the perfect representation of Micki Browning, author.